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1 of 1: Genesis , as part of an announcement of several new ESPN Films projects. The feature-length doc is available now for sale through a handful of digital retailers like Amazon and Google Play – though it's not that easy to find on any of them, in large part because of its name, which seems designed to defy search engines. Genesis is meant to be a teaser of sorts for an upcoming series of ESPN/Marvel shorts, called 1 of 1: Origins, which are slated to begin airing on SportsCenter this summer. The Origins films will reportedly be mini-bios of athletes like Howard, Hawk, Danica Patrick, Russell Wilson, Albert Pujols, Carmelo Anthony and others – all enhanced with comic book art to make their life stories look more like, well, "origins."

Actually there are a lot of subjects that Genesis avoids, because the film was apparently conceived as hagiography, aiming to sanitize sports even at the risk of sapping away flavor. Without the spicier bits though, the doc doesn't have much of a reason to exist. After director Eric Drath trots out a few talking-head experts at the start of the movie to say that, sure, athletes could be called real-life superheroes, what's left to fill the next 70 minutes? Everything about 1 of 1: Genesis feels only half-conceived – including the title, which sounds like it's been butchered by autocorrect.

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21 Crenshaw and Slauson (True Story)
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1 of 1: Genesis does much the same. Marvel employees Axel Alonso, Joe Quesada and Bill Rosemann join ESPN reporter Michael Smith and authors David Epstein and Ellen Winner to talk about the similarities between elite athletes and superheroes: namely, some combination of innate talent, intense training, personal setbacks and pure will. The athletes themselves also weigh in – not necessarily to say that stopping a hockey puck is just like countering a kick from Batroc, but to acknowledge that they do work awfully hard at their jobs.

And who is our Captain America, injecting himself with a secret serum that makes him bigger, stronger and – wait, scratch that. There are some comparisons too out-of-bounds for 1 of 1.