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It's fall fashion season — time to take the Special K Challenge to help you drop a jean size in 2 weeks* and zip into the latest styles. Now, you can also create your own custom workout to get a perfect fashion fit from the four 10 Minute Solution workouts on this DVD — featuring Jessica Smith, as your personal trainer. Mix and match your favorite workouts to fit into your schedule each day, or do them all together for a great 40-minute exercise session!

Overall, my only complaint about these and other 10 Minute Solution workouts is that the cool down and stretching segment at the end is almost non-existent. Some people will need more time to cool down and everyone should do some more stretches on their own than the instructors in these DVDs lead. If you're looking for a fun dance workout that's easy to follow and of lighter intensity, you'll enjoy these titles.

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10 Minute Solution offers a whole-new way to workout

10 Minute Solution Workouts to Shape Up Your Whole Body - Ten minute workouts to shape up your whole body. The workouts covered are boot camp, pilates, kickboxing, ballet, and yoga.

10 Minute Solution is workout DVD that lets you blast calories in 10 minutes at time. Whether you're a runner facing a rainy day or a busy mom with just a few minutes to spare before the kids need to be picked up from school, the 10 Minute Solution is a great option for anyone who wants to melt fat, boost endurance or power through a weight plateau.