10 Signatures to Bargain with God

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10 Signatures to bargain with God.:10 Signatures to bargain with God

"True beauties are just in front of you, it's just a matter of raising your head and paying attention. If you bow down your head to superficial things, you sure are missing out half of the world." #10SignaturesToBargainWithGod

Eros Magdayo is a prodigal adopted child who spends most of his time in troubles and basag-ulo. He despises his parents and acts rebellious to hurt them, but he loves his Ate Risa (10 Signatures to Bargain with God) and he will do anything for her to get better even if it means believing in a ‘superficial’ thing like an angel. Eris Jane Trinidad, an angel, has been sent by God in a mission to fulfill Eros’ wish. In exchange, he has to fill Eri’s heart necklace until it gets full red. If they’re successful, Eros will get his wish while Eris will come back to her old life again.

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  • Please do not steal this story, God is watching

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