10 X 10 Sudoku – Trade paperback (2015) by Frank Longo

Jigsaw Sudoku 10x10 - Hard - Volume 11 - 276 Puzzles


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Title: 10 X 10 Sudoku Format: Trade Paper

10x10 Sudoku is just like a regular Sudoku, but it has more squares (100 instead of 81), the boxes are 5x2 instead of 3x3 squares and there are 10 possible numbers: 0-9. Same rules apply. Same techniques.

Title: 10 X 10 Sudoku Author: ISBN-13: ISBN:

Guest More than 1 year ago
Last Friday, I went to the Barnes & Noble book store in Newport Beach's Fashion Island, and bought there two Sudoku books of note--the one that has 'Oy Vey' and a photo of a matzoh on the front, and finally, one where the numbers 0 to 9 are used in 10 x 10 Sudoku! That one kills all the other Sudoku books, maybe except for the one with the humour. The 9 x 9 puzzles--without the zeros--are really too easy, and tell Mr. Longo thanks for the idea which I hope carries on to more and more volumes of 10 x 10 Sudoku for years to come! I hope that idea also becomes part of a PC or PDA software product too--we have to finish 100 boxes--almost 20 more than normal!

Title: 10 X 10 Sudoku Author: ISBN-13: ISBN:

This is a screenshot of a 10x10 Sudoku puzzle with areas in a diagonal pattern (slightly scaled down). The board and pieces graphics come from the 'Wood & Glass' package that can be downloaded from the page.

This page offers Sudokus with 10x10 cells and various area patterns for download. As 10 cells cannot be arranged as square, the program creates 10x10 Sudoku puzzles with different non-square area patterns. These pattern variants are named as follows: