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It’s a shame. I really think that this model could’ve been used for video commenting. Sometimes it’s easier to just post a short video to sum up the feelings of a commenter than what a simple textbox can provide. Well nature abhors a vacuum. Good luck to all the 12seconds people; I know they’ll land on their feet.

Asked about this today, he said that he was still proud of the way 12seconds was run as a self-funded startup. “I love the bootstrapping model,” he said, adding: “I think the VC model can be very flawed.”

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Gigaom | 12seconds Is Shutting Down

Hi Janko, I never used 12seconds because I knew that would not be enough time for me. It takes me that long just to get warmed up. :) I use Screenr and it integrates well with Twitter. Sorry to hear the news though. I know that some of my Twitter friends were using it.

12 second was great but, yes, big companies’ development made it difficult for startups to maintain the audience. A pity but it’s the game. I hope people who have worked on 12seconds will surprise us with more projects as cute as this one.