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Pink Pepper Spray - SABRE Red Police Strength - Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation (over $1 million donated so far!), Compact Case & Quick Release Key Ring with 25 Bursts - 5x More Sprays than Other Brands


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This paper presents the results of a broad-based investigation of mission and jobs for a future tactical airlift system and an assessment of the technologies needed to develop the 21st century tactical airlifter. The need for a tactical airlift system was determined and deficiencies of existing airlift assets highlighted. These needs and deficiencies provided the requirements to develop concepts to assure proper airlift capability. Operational concepts for employment of these airlift vehicles were devised to show how an Advanced Tactical Transport (ATT) could operate on the future battlefield. Supportability, including reliability and maintainability, assessments were made.

Airsoft is quickly becoming the choice for departments of all sizes and budgets. These weapons not only function like their counterparts but are 1:1 scale in size and weight. They are low maintenance, can be loaded with the same number of rounds as a real sidearm and come in most popular brands. These training weapons will fit current sidearm holsters and work with the same accessories. 21st Century Tactical is evening developing an Armors Certification for these products and is currently using them with many well know trainers like Shawn Beane, Andy Anderson and Wes Doss throughout the United States. They can safely be used indoors and have an effective range of 60 to 70 feet.

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