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I'll Drop You Off: A 40-Day Devotional for Cowboys


40 Days Devotions today's topic: Message of the Cross

Just as the Israelites set up memorials of stone, this 156-page journal will undoubtedly hold the rich and rewarding experiences of your fast to which you can return in times when your faith is tested. It provides ample space to track your spiritual and physical transformation. There are full pages to record everything: your goals, to do lists, medical log (including blood pressure readings, glucose levels, water intake, weight, and more), prayer requests, and journaling space for each day of your fast. Read the fascinating results of a 21-day, water-only fast which included enhanced vision and lowered blood pressure eliminating the need for medication. The 40 days of devotions will be a sometimes moving and sometimes light-hearted source of motivation and inspiration as you traverse the spiritual highs and detoxification lows of your fasting journey.

If so, you’ve come to the right place. This book contains 40 days of devotional studies designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and enable you to lead others to Him.

Pull Back the Curtain — A 40 Days Devotional

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    The third edition of the C&MA 40 Days Devotional called A Prayer Journey into the Presence, Power, and Purposes of God, is available for pre-order!