JP - Can you tell me what was the hs on that DWM 8x57R/360 ?

Creative Accents Single Picture Black Frame Heavy Duty Coir Doormat, 24 by 57-Inch, Monogrammed R

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124.57 Prohibition against partisan political activity

The car tuning specialists from Germany, AC Schnitzer have customized the sleek Mini Cooper R57 Convertible and it turned out quite well. The tuning program created a complete body kit package including a new front spoiler, rear skirt, and decals to make it unique. Also adding to the exterior of the Mini Cooper R57 Convertible, are several wheel packages available to choose from to fit your look. Under the hood, the German tuners tweaked the computer to increase its horsepower from 175 to 208 hp. AC Schnitzer also tuned the suspension while adding aftermarket parts, and even adding a few accessories to the interior.

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  • 1957 Chevrolet Two-Ten 4-Door Sedan
  • Lawriter - ORC - 4123.57 Partial disability compensation.

    Also, it would probably be more true to say that the 8x57R/360 was derived from necking down the 9.3x57R E Express (which was produced earlier than the 9.3x72R types). There are over 45 different German and Austrian case types that were based on the English .360 case.

    This is the rimmed version of the 7x57, which was designed and developed for use in break-open rifles and combination guns shortly after the introduction of the 7x57 in 1892. These weapons are very popular for all-round hunting in Central Europe, but needs a rimmed cartridge in order to ensure positive extraction under all circumstances. The 7x57R is a very good choice for this purpose as it operates with a modest working pressure which is a great advantage in the comparatively weak break-open actions that furthermore often are very lightly built in spite of having to contain 3 or sometimes four barrels and intricate lockwork.