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This website was very helpful for me to get ready for my summative assessment of my novel study that was CHINESE CINDERELLA... Thanks A lot!!!!!!!

Yeh Hsien -a Chinese Cinderella, a story in the 9th century being told 800 years before the 1st modern Cinderella was told in Europe in the 17th Century

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    Hi This report is truly inspirational fo all children to use as a guide about Chinese Cinderella. I’m in year 7 and i was wondering if you could give me some notes about chapter 12 which concentrates on Big Sisters wedding thanks.


  • English worksheet: a chinese Cinderella

    Yen Mah’s narrative writing seems honest and personal, because Chinese Cinderella is an autobiography about herself. She describes her first day of primary school, and she is so excited to be a first grader, telling us the feeling of most children. Most children including Adeline feel excited to be a first grader in their first primary school. They think that they have grown up when they become a first grader. “I was excited to be starting first grade in my new primary school…” (29)

    ADELINE YEN MAH - chinese cinderella a MUST READ book. You may have heard of the international best seller falling leaves which is also by her but talks mainly about the life after her childhood. Chinese cinderella goes into more detail about her like growing up and how such an innocent looking girl went through so much torture. This was one of a few biographys that i have read and it is most certainly the best and the one that makes you cry. Chinese cinderella, it will eventually tell you at the end of the book what and where chinese cinderella originated from. You may have heard of the english disney version of Cinderella but nothing compares to this, history shows that long ago during that Tang dynasty (AD 618 - 906) there was a very similar story which is known to be the original "Chinese" Cinderella. This innocent looking child on the front cover of the book gripping her fists, showing and saying to herself that one day she will do herself justice and show her father, stepmother and siblings what she is really made of. It is good that there are pictures of the "real" people in this book which makes it so worth while and so much more realistic. Her family which of course same as the ones in falling leaves.. I would advise you to look at the pictures to get a real grip of what life was like back then. If you have only read falling leaves, which does not have the pictures in, i guess you may be quite desperate to see what her evil family are like. Adeline goes through some awful and heartbreaking situations at the ages of only 5. Here are some of them.. When adelines Grandmother dies (her fathers mother) This only leaves 2 people in her entire family that she can really trust, her aunt Baba and her Grandfather (her fathers mother). It is only clear that after her grandmother dies who is boss of the house. Niang, her stepmother does everything she possibly can to make her life hell. At times yo