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Jacky Ha-Ha


Johnnys Jr BC A Ha Ha - YouTube

My own process of setting a course of stones went as follows. In the morning, after removing the protective tarpaulins from my section of the wall, I first took a wire brush and roughened the surface of the joints between the stones I had mortared into place the previous day. At the same time, I removed any mortar that had gotten onto the face of any of the stones. The rest of the morning was often spent selecting the stones for the next course, setting them up in order, and shaping them to fit -- as John is doing in the photograph above right. I would then run a level line along what I intended to be the top of the new course, and mortar each stone into place, occasionally leaving an unmortared space of a half-inch or so between two stones . If I was lucky to finish this process before our mid-day meal, during the afternoon I filled in the space between the newly set stones and the earthen bank behind, using scraps of stone cropped off the blocks or any rocks at hand, really. One of the things we discovered as we worked was that our predecessors had done the same. In the photograph to the left one can see a piece of broken baluster imbedded in the earthen bank, suggesting that the original ha-ha builders used broken scraps from renovations of the house or garden buildings as backfill.

Evidenced by his 2004 IFP “Someone to Watch” SpiritAward and placing on four Top 10 Films of the Year lists even beforegetting distribution, Andrew has captured the funny strange moments inlife in a way that is also FUNNY HA HA.


Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!

Marble make up a ha ha (Tv Size)

Kanji ま〜ぶるMake Up A-Ha-Ha!
Romaji Māburu Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
Artist Himika and Yu
Released November 26, 2014
Genre J-Pop
Anime Information
Anime Debut Episode 06 - Objection? Laala's Coming Over To My Place-Pri!
Anime Insert Singers Himika and Yu
CD Information
Album PriPara Idol Songs♪Collection
Tracklist 1. Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha!
2. Solar Flare Sherbet
3. Pretty Prism Paradise!
4. Message from Laala
5. Message from Mirei
6. Message from Sophie
7. Marble Make Up A-Ha-Ha! (Instrumental)
8. Solar Flare Sherbet (Instrumental)
9. Pretty Prism Paradise! (Instrumental)

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Ha, Ha, He! has all the twists and turns of Post-Rock from its Chicago heyday bolstered by the melodic quirkiness of a new influence for the band, Throwing Muses. On "Brother, Brother" and "Howard," we see MOURN through a pop lens: undeniably catchy, but intricately performed and still somehow "heavy." This is a band that can play around with the pop format in a way that doesn't degrade their songwriting talent to the lowest common denominator. Not an easy task. Further on, the track "Storyteller" goes on it's own trip through downtempo drudgery, into a melodic bridge, and concludes with anthemic sing-screaming. On the equally challenging-yet-beautiful "Second Sage," it becomes apparent that MOURN have begun to carve out their own niche and their songs are no longer fits of inspiration indebted to their heroes, but just the band being themselves.

Imposing architecture and breathtaking scenery combine to make Ha Ha Tonka State Park one of Missouri’s most treasured spots. Located on the Lake of the Ozarks, the park features the stone ruins of a turn-of-the-20th-century built by a prominent Kansas City businessman high atop a bluff. More than 15 miles of traverse the park, leading visitors to sinkholes, , caves and down to the lake.