Title: A New York Love Story (2015)

Love And Rockets: New Stories No. 8 (Love and Rockets)


Dirty Whispers :) – a new love story | mmo couples

"Actually that's a really awesome observation," Somerhalder said. "They haven't just been handed this. In the past we've fast-forwarded through a lot of the cool, gushy parts that you would typically see in a new love story, so I think that Damon being in this space of who he loves genuinely gives him a sense of purpose."

I'm lookin' for a new love story
I'm lookin' for a yellow brick road
That'll carry me to his door
I'm lookin for a new love story
Oh one that's never been told before

Jessica and Brett, a New Orleans love story | Mark Eric Photo Journal

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a whole new Love Story all over again (for me