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Adam Bilzerian, a professional poker player and the son of former corporate raider Paul Bilzerian, said he worked through Henley to get citizenship in Austria. But put off by the cost and exclusivity of Austria's program, he purchased property in St. Kitts, filled out some paperwork, and within a year, became a Kittitian. Then, he became one of 231 Americans to renounce his U.S. passport in 2008.

On , 2001, FBI agents raided the Bilzerian residence in , in relation to charges of against Paul Bilzerian. A neighbour described the raid as "pure intimidation". Paul Bilzerian would be held in prison and was not permitted to attend his son's high school graduation. In the aftermath, Adam Bilzerian would question his dream of becoming an ; in press interviews, he asked, "How can you go in and fight for your country when this is what they're doing to [your father]?" Longer term, the incident proved to have a lasting effect on Bilzerian's worldview. He went on to , where he witnessed the that resulted in ; Bilzerian saw this as a bad sign for the future of the freedoms of the , and so began to look into and establishing himself abroad. In 2007, he purchased a residence in , and the following year went on to become a citizen of the country, his U.S. citizenship in the process.

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    Adam Bilzerian is a famous poker player and “Instagram playboy” who is known for his lavish lifestyle. His self-declared wealth is really impressive. Bilzerian’s claims to have astonishing $100 million of net worth. According to him, Adam gained half of this sum in 2014 as poker winnings. But there are no independent sources to confirm his bold statements.

    Author Adam Bilzerian sheds light on a secret 1975 Memorandum of Understanding masterminded by Henry Kissinger, whereby the U.S. guaranteed all Israel’s oil needs in the event of a crisis, even at the risk of a domestic shortage. Renewed, in principle, every five years and theoretically still in force, its potential impact in the current Middle East context does not need to be explained. However, other examples of U.S. subservience to Israel’s interests abound, the latest one being the , which ensures Israel’s “qualitative military edge” over all of its neighbors at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.