On the Address Books tab, click New.

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For instance, you may have switched to Gmail but some of your contacts may still be stored in the old address books of Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail. Then there are places like Facebook and LinkedIn that store personal and professional details of your contacts (including profile pictures) but fetching this information into your main address book is often a tricky thing.

If you can't find the name that you want in the address book that you are looking at, look for it in a different address book. The Address Book list can contain several address books, each containing different information.

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    If you find it a hassle to maintain multiple address books, a possible solution is that you consolidate them all into a single cloud-based service like .

    The address books in the Address Book list, except for the Global Address List (GAL) are created from folders in your Contacts. By default, the contents of your main Outlook Contacts folder make up the Outlook Address Book. Other Contact folders that you create are also listed, unless you set a property to prevent them from being displayed. The Microsoft Exchange GAL is created and administered by your organization's administrator.