A few more advantages of organic food to support the environment:

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Advantages of Organic Foods - Best of Raw Foods

Whatever the advantages and disadvantages of organic food may be, it's easy to enjoy the overwhelming flavor of organic tomatoes and other produce.

People choose to eat organic food for any number of reasons. The most common benefits attributed to consumer choice are health, environment, animal welfare, quality and taste. While some advantages of organic food are clear cut, others have been more challenging to prove. On the other hand, there is also a dark undercurrent to the production of organic food that create disadvantages from an environmental perspective. Here, then, we explore both sides of the organic food coin.

The debate about the advantages of organic foods is over

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    Really useful article. I am a bit concerned about my baby’s food so after reading this article, I learned all the advantages of using organic baby food.

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Food | OccupyTheory

    Quality and taste are said to be superior. This advantage of organic food is more challenging to measure as it is largely a personal preference. However, there are many studies that have tried to quantify it. One study showed that rats consistently chose an organic biscuit over one made with non-organic ingredients despite there being virtually no measurable difference in nutritional value.

    The growing prosperity of organic food industry indicates a greater health concern from the public because organic food contains more nutrients that are essential for good health. The lower pesticide residue is another advantage of organic foods because pesticide exposure can be the cause of various health problems. Since people value environmental protection more than ever, the positive environmental impacts of organic farming, such as biodiversity, better soil quality and less CO2 emission, are also advantages of organic foods.