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Each topic in the Afrikaans to English audio course provides a clear explanation of a particular aspect of Afrikaans grammar. There are numerous topics in the package. Topics include the Afrikaans definite article, the indefinite article, Afrikaans adjectives, Afrikaans pronouns, Afrikaans demonstrative pronouns. Each explanation includes examples of usage.

Professional translators whose native language is Afrikaans perform our English to Afrikaans translation, and vice versa for Afrikaans to English translation. Our experienced translators have an in-depth understanding of the Afrikaans language including its spelling, grammar, and cultural appropriateness.

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If you need a quick and reliable translation into or from Afrikaans and demand the quality only professional translators can give, PoliLingua's Afrikaans Translation Service allows you to upload a (sample) document to obtain a fast quotation, usually within 12 hours. Please use the form below for this or .

Afrikaans Web Site Localization

With a team of specialized translators, technical experts and localization professionals, PoliLingua can make an Afrikaans to English or English to Afrikaans conversion of your web site.
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In the field of real estate, I take proud to translate contracts for deed into English, Contract for deed translator, Afrikaans-English translator for immigration documents, certified translation of birth certificates etc. needed for immigration permits into English.

Should you need to submit a multilingual report, I would like to be your Afrikaans English report translator. I translate your report written in Afrikaans into English at a most competitive price.

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