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After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)


I heard the doctor pronounce me dead

Saint Salvianus of Albi, a hieromonk of Gaul during the 6th century, was returned to life after being dead for the better part of a day and told his friend Gregory Tursk the following: "When my cell was shaken four days ago and you saw me dead, I was lifted by a pair of angels and taken to the heights of heaven. There, under my feet, I could see not only the insignificant earth, but also the sun, moon and stars. After this, I was taken through a gate brighter than the sun and led into a building where all the floors shined with silver and gold. That Light defies description. That place was full of people and stretched so far in all directions that I could not see its end. The angels cleared a path before me through the crowd and we entered the place upon which our gaze had rested when we were still afar. Above this place, hovered a bright cloud, brighter than the sun, and from it I heard a voice, like the sound of many waters.

Take the first question: may you and I and other creatures continue toexist for some time after our lives end? The view that death entailsour annihilation has been called the termination thesis(Feldman 1992). The position that we can indeed survive death we mightcall the dead survivors view. The dead survivors view hasbeen defended by various theorists, most notably Fred Feldman (1992,2000, 2013). One point cited in its favor is that we commonly refer to‘dead animals’ (and ‘dead plants’) which maysuggest that we believe that animals continue to exist, as animals,while no longer alive. The idea might be that an animal continues tocount as the same animal if enough of its original components remainin much the same order, and animals continue to meet this conditionfor a time following death (Mackie 1997). On this view, if you and Iare animals (as animalists say) then we could survive for a time afterwe are dead, albeit as corpses. In fact, we could surviveindefinitely, by arranging to have our corpses preserved.

After-Death Communication (ADC): Hello From Heaven

Title: After Dead: What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse
Author(s): Charlaine Harris
Publisher: Recorded Books
Availability: Amazon   

10 Things That Happen After You DIE - YouTube

Like many fans, I was pretty upset with how this series ended, especially where Eric was concerned and who our heroine ended up with. But I kept hearing, from reliable media outlets, about how this book, After Dead, was going to be a novella that bridged this series with the next. One that let us fans know what happened with our most cherished characters of the series, while introducing us to those of the upcoming series. I thought the idea was genius! But sadly that wasn’t what this book was at all. Whether that was the intent of this book and the premise was changed or if the wrong information got out and this A-Z coda was always the intent, I’m not sure. But it is, what it is so I read it, trying to keep an open mind.