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Just as you wouldn’t prescribe medicine for yourself or drill your own cavities, you shouldn’t attempt to control termites or other pests on your own. The products and the expertise offered by Al Naas Pest Solutions far surpasses what a homeowner could do on their own. Leave it up to the experts for peace of mind. Why risk it?

Cockroaches have long been one of the most common household pests in our area. We've developed years of expertise in solving cockroach problems. Our control strategy depends upon the species of cockroach, which is why inspection and identification is an important first step. Upon identification of the species and analysis of the situation, a strategy is developed. Al Naas technicians utilize baits, carefully placed out of reach of children and pets, to eliminate cockroach populations. In other situations, insect growth regulators, which inhibit the ability of the cockroach to molt and grow, are used in combination with other methods. And additionally, we provide information to clients about the ways that they can minimize pest immigration and avoid providing harborage for pest populations. So you see, cockroach control is really best achieved through a combination of techniques - an "integrated" approach to pest management.

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  • Are the products used dangerous to kids and pets?
  • Are Carpenter Ants dangerous to my home?
  • What are five things I can do outside of my house to keep pests away?
  • What are five things I can do inside my house to keep pests away?
  • Why should someone hire Al Naas Pest Solutions instead of attempting to control their pest problems by themselves?
  • How do you treat for Cockroaches?
  • Does Al Naas have a service to control mice?
  • Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards?
  • Will the spray you use stain my carpet?
  • Is it safe to stay in my premises while you spray?
  • Will the gel / paste that is applied to the inside of cupboards contaminate my food?
  • How does one control bedbugs?

To answer your pest related questions, ..

The house mouse is one of the most common pests triggering a call to Al Naas Pest Solutions. They are best dealt with using an integrated approach including exclusion, sanitation, and population reduction. Usually traps are employed to eliminate mice living inside buildings, but rodenticide baits occasionally have some utility as well. Each account should be inspected and assessed for the best approach to use at each home/building.

Any effective bedbug control strategy should start with a careful, thorough inspection by a Al Naas professional of all known and suspected spots where the bugs may be harboring. This is not a pest that can be controlled effectively with do-it-yourself measures. As they are discovered, the pest control professional will develop a treatment and control strategy with the customer depending on the extent of the infestation.
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