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Albanora Hufnagel's immediate neighbors in , are 54 individuals in 19 households.

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Currency: USD
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Germany: Berlin. Price includes sales tax.
2012 Azienda Agricola Morone, Albanora, Weißwein, Kampanien (Italien) $ 12.11 Bottle

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This preliminary list is built up by several contributors , some of whom do not know any Albanian. It may include errors and inaccuracies. The meanings and equivalents in parentheses are tentative.

Alle genannten Absolventen haben den Berufsabschluss erreicht
Mit FOR und Q-Vermerk: Alexander, Ricarda; Falbierski, Nina; Fellmann, Christina; Mehlmann, Eva; Mothes, Sabrina;
Mit Fachoberschulreife: Diekmann, Janine; Gronek, Sabrina; Hergert, Katharina; Quanta, Albanora; Thierling, Stefan