Songwriter(s): Lou Busch, Allan Sherman

My Son, The Greatest: The Best Of Allan Sherman


That’s when Allan Sherman says his weight problems began to —–.

Somehow in my youth I missed out on this classic parody of the Twelve Days of Christmas by Allan Sherman even though I listened to Dr. Demento every Sunday evening in my neck of the woods. I’m really not sure how I managed this but I later found it when I picked up and it’s become one of my favorite Holiday songs of all time.

MYSTERY GUEST: Allan Sherman
PANEL: Dorothy Kilgallen, Steve Lawrence, Arlene Francis, Robert Q. Lewis
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Allan Sherman was a pioneer of the comedy-rock scene

MYSTERY GUEST: Allan Sherman
PANEL: Arlene Francis, Tony Randall, Anita Gillette, Bennett Cerf
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Song parody singer Allan Sherman released a string of top-selling albums in the early 1960s. His music is being reissued on CD for the first time. The music of Allan Sherman has not aged well. But that’s not a bad thing.