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Due to be released next month via Jinx and Toys'R'Us, just in time for the 2014 San Diego Comic Con, the Minecraft Creeper Anatomy Doll is a clever piece that takes the original and splits it in two. On one side, the green goblin's familiar exterior. On the other, bones and brains and stuff to make your precious creations blow-up real good.

Remember those creepy human anatomy dolls from science class? The ones with the removable organs? Mojang and Jinx have teamed up to make one for Minecraft's most iconic villain, and it's incredibly educational.

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    The folks at are calling the Creeper Anatomy Doll "probably our biggest new release of 2014." Considering the most hardcore Minecraft fans have just about everything they need inside of the game, this educational tool should make a fine gift, reminding them that the people not made of simple polygons wouldn't mind hanging out with them once in awhile.

    These anatomically detailed dolls are made here in the United States by hand with quality materials for long term use. Each doll is inspected before shipping. These anatomical dolls are also carefully designed with correct body proportions. All Teach-a-Bodies® products are guaranteed for your satisfaction.