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Description: Movie's English name is Anatomy of Hell. Its a french movie.


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I believe most Australians are able to make their own minds up, with appropriate ratings guidance from the OFLC. For example, I saw Irreversible and have no complaints, as I was aware due to its rating and warnings of the content within the film. Similarly I did not see Anatomy of Hell (as should be MY choice to see or not see a film), because from what I had read of the film it did not interest me. But let me stress I feel should any Australian decide they wish to see Anatomy of Hell, that ought be their choice.

With the utmost respect for yourself and your position I feel I must express my distress and disappointment with your recent position on censorship reviews, namely those of Anatomy of Hell and Irreversible.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
Having seen this movie tonight I must say I was quite shocked at the contents in Catherine Breillats "Anatomy of Hell". I personally thought it shines a light on the darker side of life focusing on the relationship between heterosexual women, "Amira Casar" and a homosexual man” Rocco Siffredi." The film did make me wonder if things like this actually go on in real life. Some parts in this film I personally thought should have been cut. There’s one specific part in this film which made me sick and unfortunately I was drinking cranberry juice unaware of what I was to see next. Some will see this film as an excuse to show tits and willies in an art house film. Others will see this film as beautiful poetry between two distinct characters - we know not their pasts, but we find that they both must discover something about themselves - since they willingly enter into a contract. This may be, on one hand, discovery about one's sexuality, and on the other, discovery of explaining one's sexuality. I am sure many others will see this simply as a pretentious effort at describing feminism. This is an argument of culture, and my view is that human culture is primarily male dominated (the few remaining matriarchal societies are being eradicated by logging :( and so many people will be offended by the content of the film. If you do choose to watch it, watch it as a combination of a documentary and poetry. If you watch this film to the end and are captured then I believe that you have experienced one or more of the aspects shown. If you are not captured, and are possibly reviled, then you are bound by our culture, and conceptions of what moving imagery should be. This is, undeniably, not a bad thing. This is, ultimately, a film of counter-culture. Catherine Breillats films are an acquired taste beware to be shocked this film.

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Potential Films is pleased to announce that the release of Catherine Breillat’s film ANATOMIE DE L’ENFER [ANATOMY OF HELL] will continue around Australia.

[…] Breillat is known for sexually explicit movies such as Anatomy of Hell and Sex is Comedy. This movie, however, has none of that and is rather boring. Don't listen to me, […]