Angela Howard, September Vogue 1964

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Angela Howard, September Vogue 1964

An encourager at heart, Angela Howard inspires audiences with her relatable and authentic presence. Her transparency makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend over coffee. You’ll find yourself crying one minute and laughing the next as you realize there’s hope and joy even in the midst of the imperfect life. Having journeyed through both the greatest and the most heartbreaking times, she’s not afraid to reveal her own brokenness, so that you know you’re not alone in yours.

Angela Howard, and - Angela Howard and Matt Stone BAFTA Los Angeles 2012 Britannia Awards Presented by BBC America held at Beverly Hilton Hotel (2 Pictures)

ANGELA HOWARD, Avon - 1966. White lipstick-- I remember it!!

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  • Angela Howard wearing a wool dress by Mollie Parnis, 1961

    They walked up the porch and were met at the door by Angela Howard, 33, of Clarksville, and Brandon Keller, 31, of Tallahassee. Through the open door, deputies could see into the master bedroom which was filled with a smokey haze. The deputies noticed the strong chemical odor of methamphetamine being cooked.

    Angela Howard is a certified nurse whose passion is for healthy living. With a primary focus on creating harmony between the mind, body and spirit, Angela uses her skills in the medical field along with her own personal journey of successful weight loss to guide her clients to a better quality of life. By providing programs, meal plans, cooking demonstrations, fitness options, personal and emotional support, Angela supplies her clients with every tool necessary to achieve their personal goals. Individuals, community groups and churches are all embraced by Angela. There is no one key to the weight loss journey – success comes from a blend of healthy living practices customized for each individual.