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Sex - The Annabel Chong Story


Asian Double Vaginal - Annabel Chong

Q: With the Annabel Chong character you get the feeling that she has to have sex almost all of the time. When you were talking yesterday during the Q&A, you were saying that you hadn’t had sex in a long time. So it’s a huge contradiction between wanting it every hour and going weeks without having it at all!

Chong continued to work in the adult industry for a short while after the came out, and starring in movies as well as setting up a website. In 2000 she directed and performed in the gang bang movie , her take on 's novel . After 2000 she largely stopped appearing in mainstream adult videos, concentrating instead on producing content for her website and appearing in a few videos. In 2003 she completely retired from porn, thanking her fans in a final message on her website that announced, "Annabel is dead and is now replaced full time by her Evil , who is incredibly bored with the entire concept of Annabel and would prefer to do something different for a change." She stated that she intended to "begin her new life of peace and relative obscurity." She stopped discussing her former career in the adult industry after her retirement. In limited correspondence for the biographical play she told the producers, "Do whatever you want with Annabel Chong because this person doesn't exist anymore."

Asian Triple Penetration #5 - Annabel Chong (LQ)

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    At the time of writing, Grace Quek is in production with her meta-documentary on Sex: The Annabel Chong Story, tentatively called Sex Goes on Vacation, which she hopes to have completed within a year’s time.

    Sex-The Annabel Chong Story is a voyeuristic look at a very damaged woman. Chong set out to have sex with 300 men in one day. She had to stop at 251. A few months later, her record was beaten. This is a very depressing film, as it shows a confused woman, whom believes her actions are that of a feminist, being exploited at every turn. Both herself and the industry is to blame. Chong is no saint, but the film fails to try and comprehend it's subject. It mentions Chong being gang raped, but doesn't explore this avenue of interest. Surely this had something to do with an intelligent, conservative woman trying to bang 300 men. The only people you feel sorry for are Chong's relatives. Like all good documentary filmmakers, Lewis doesn't interfere with his subject, sitting back as she cuts herself on camera. Unfortunately, he doesn't explore the right areas either.