Can you give some examples of the cheapest apps to develop?

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The Apps for Development Competition aims to bring together the best ideas from both the software developer and the development practitioner communities to create innovative apps using World Bank data.

Most of the apps that we develop are made right here in our offices with our in-house apps developers in the USA and Canada. That creates a far easier working environment in the design phase, because you’re dealing with Americans and Canadians who understand what you need and why you need it.

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That being said, we aren’t afraid to offshore apps development if cost savings are the major determining factor. Over the years, our apps product managers have developed apps in South Africa, India, and Bangladesh. No problem.

For local government The smart device apps development carried out by us, branded as "e-Suvidha" is an innovation that makes a mobile app sustainable and futuristic use in e-Governance sector. We become partners with our clients and employ a detail oriented approach into solving all their business problems relating to iPad application development.