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Arpeggio of Blue Steel - Ars Novu~a No.19 1/700 theater version fleet of Arpeggio of Blue Steel over Ars Novu~a DC fog large battleship Kongo Forouhar type

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Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova

I have to agree with all you said. I’m a particular fan of 90’s animation. Thanks for pointing out that they modeled the CG in Arpeggio of Blue Steel after that era. I hope that it remains as enjoyable as it has been.

As for this current season, nothing exactly catches my eye, but everything seems watchable. Wish I could say I share your sentiments about Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s CG, but the naval battles and action sequences seem to benefit from it thus far.

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1. Arpeggio of Blue Steel
This was an unexpected hit with me. The animation is cleaned-up and digitally animated take on anime circa 1993-95, but I liked that style anyway. The warships are gloriously detailed and modified, both familiar and strange at the same time. (A little research will remind us the creator is dealing in historical irony too.) The Memory Model girls are good fun, and the protagonist is a cool customer for his age.

I am surprised myself at how well I have taken to Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s CG. Usually I cannot bear anything overly CG–I almost couldn’t sit through Appleseed because of it. But, the one benefit to CG is that it does tend to give more solidity to inanimate objects, like the ships, which is what I think makes it work for this show.