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For over 100 years this informative and entertaining magazine has been the choice of art lovers around the globe. The publication owes its success to a versatility of topics and the eloquence of the written language that makes it understandable to professionals and novice alike. Widely praised for its insightful reviews and investigative stories ARTnews Magazine is a number one choice for everyone who want or need to be “in the know” about the occurrences in the world of art.

ARTnews Magazine is one of the oldest art magazines in the world. The magazine was first published in 1902 with a mission of offering a balanced insight into the works of contemporary, modern and old masters. Today, the US-based publication is sold all over the globe to an audience estimated at 200 000 readers. The more recent issues of the magazine also include stories about prominent collectors, museum directors, and scholars. A special part of every issue is dedicated to the latest trends on the market to the news from the world of design. The magazine is issued 11 times a year and some editions come with special themes such as the “crime issue” and the “icons issue“, for instance.

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Art Business News Magazine (April 2004) with article featuring sculptor Bruce Gray and his lifesize motorcycle sculpture. (Page 1) Click here to view page 2 of this article.

(Excerpt from Art Business News article above)
A motorcycle fan and a former bike owner, sculptor Bruce Gray created his first motorcycle themed piece about eight years ago. In 2002, he finished an 800 pound motorcycle sculpture made of train parts. The lifesize bike doesn't run, but now Gray is planning a new rideable sculpture. While his 800 pound sculpture is priced at $25,000, he also has smaller pieces, including table-top sizes that are priced at about $200.

(Photograph Caption) Bruce Gray with his "Motorcycle" sculpture (55x94x33 inches) which was constructed with found objects including massive gears, a train coupling link, giant springs, oversized chain and a BMW motorcycle engine and tailpipe.

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