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The Anesthesia Technician and Technologist's Manual: All You Need to Know for Study and Reference


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The second section of the ASATT study guide covers the principles of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology you should know as an anesthesia technician. The first chapter, titled “Pharmacokinetics,” discusses routes of administration, distribution redistribution, and elimination. The second chapter in this section covers pharmacodynamics. This chapter includes content on pharmacology, receptor agonists and antagonists, drug potency, and dose-response curves. The remaining chapters include content focusing on toxicity and drug interactions; cardiovascular anatomy, physiology, monitoring, and pharmacology; the respiratory system; mechanical cardiovascular support; the central nervous system; acid-base balance; the autonomic and peripheral nervous systems; and neuromuscular anatomy and physiology.

Section four of the ASATT study guide covers the equipment you will be using in the operating room. It discusses proper equipment setup and important information concerning infection control issues related to anesthesia equipment. The chapters in this section cover the following:

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Are you planning to take the anesthesia technician certification test offered by the American Society of Anesthesia Technologists and Technicians? If so, you need to start studying as soon as possible. The comprehensive exam has a total of 85 questions covering 10 different content areas. The more you study and quiz yourself with practice questions, the better you will do on this certification test. The ASATT study guide, “The Anesthesia Technician and Technologist’s Manual: All You Need to Know for Study and Reference,” is the best study tool, as it was published by the same organization that administers the test. The book contains six different sections that will help you better understand the role of the anesthesia technician and prepare for the anesthesia technician certification exam.

The final section of the ASATT study guide provides a comprehensive overview of some of the emergencies you may encounter in a surgical environment. These situations include operating room fires, anaphylactic shock, massive hemorrhage, cardiac arrest, malignant hyperthermia, and airway emergencies. The final pages of the guide include a list of common terms associated with anesthesia.