As more people ask for it, we help make it happen.

Ask For It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want


The University of Kansas' video for "Project Not Asking For It."

Ask for It recounts numerous stories of women facing negotiations at work and in their lives, across a range of industries and professions, which bring the lessons to memorable life. However, as convincing as these anecdotes may be, I would have welcomed more examples of negotiations in blue-collar settings, my one quibble with an otherwise excellent book.

La creatrice del blog intende provocare e far riflettere su uno dei cancri che ancora affliggono il mondo, lo stupro, che troppo di frequente viene sminuito e giustificato con un odioso e squallido "se l'è cercata".Donne di qualunque età e fisicità, in forma anonima e non, contribuiscono al blog con foto in cui sono ritratte in abiti succinti, accomunate dal concetto "still not asking for it".

This is what I was wearing Tell me I asked for it. I dare you.

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Title: You Asked for It (1950–1959)

The result is "Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want", a book filled with practical advice; real-world negotiation stories from the authors, the women who have contacted them as a result of their work, and Babcock's students; and a detailed four-phase program with exercises for preparing for and succeeding in life's negotiations.

There is much to admire about this gutsy book with its commitment to helping women really succeed at negotiating. Even the title itself serves as a defiant call to action. Babcock and Laschever explain in the forward that the title represents a deliberate effort to reclaim a phrase weighted with negative meaning for women and instead assert it as an emblem of power: "For centuries the phrase 'asking for it' has been used as an accusing finger to point at women. A woman who'd been sexually assault was 'asking for it'. A woman who'd been the victim of spousal abuse must have provoked her partner -- she 'asked for it'. Our goal is to help women ask for and get the things they -- we -- really want, to claim the phrase 'asking for it' as our own and transform it into a dynamic tool for increasing our happiness and pursuing our dreams."