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Audiobooks are certainly a great relief for the eyes!

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These are some the best audiobooks I've encountered.

If you’re on the fence about whether an audiobook is right for you, rest assured that we do our level best to ensure you see a positive return on investment. Out of respect to you as a creator and businessperson, we will always let you know if we do not believe a project is viable. We want to help successful people be more successful, not leave a trail of cynicism due to false hype and inflated promises

We offer some of the lowest audiobook rates on earth. We will narrate your book, edit it, master it, finalize production, create a promotional CD image (shown left) and an upload-ready audiobook cover for you for just $50 plus $30 per thousand recorded words.

In My Ear: Audiobook Releases July 26 2016

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Out Today: Three new audiobooks, including Intentional Abduction!

And, of course, audiobook downloads - the first aides and friends of people who are blind and low vision, because with their help they too can enjoy "reading" favorite books and discover the latest literature.

Our library has a large collection of genre categories and subcategories to help you find and download or stream audiobooks quickly and easily. Seamlessly browse through thousands of top audiobooks including instructional audio books to teach you a new language, religious, spiritual and motivational audiobooks to help you self-improve as well as educational audiobooks to help you learn more about a particular subject.