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3D Giant Panda Bear Backpack, Lunchbox, and Water Bottle Back to School

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Backpack Bear's ABC Rhyme Book | Starfall Store

Backpack Bear intrigues the children! Every time they see something new with Backpack Bear's picture on it they are so excited and ready to learn all about it.

Backpack Bear sets each day’s theme with a secret message tucked in his backpack. These messages pique the children’s curiosity and foster an inquisitive and risk-free classroom environment.


Backpack Bear plush toy by Elka

Backpack Bear guides his peers through their curiosities and fears as they integrate information, explore new interests, share what they enjoy, and collaborate with others.

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Backpack Bear's Books focuses on predecodable reading skills by putting together puzzles, reading high-frequency words, singing fun songs, and building words with super cool word machines.