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A medley of song fragments that vary in style from to , "Band on the Run" is one of McCartney's longest singles at 5:09. The song was partly inspired by a comment that had made during a meeting of ' record label. The song-wide theme is one of freedom and escape, and its creation coincided with Harrison, and having parted with manager in March 1973, leading to improved relations between McCartney and his fellow ex-Beatles. The original demos for this and other tracks on were stolen shortly after Wings arrived in , Nigeria, to begin recording the album. With the band reduced to a trio consisting of McCartney, his wife , and , "Band on the Run" was recorded at 's Lagos studio and completed at in London.

In a 1973 interview with , McCartney stated that the lyric "if we ever get out of here" was inspired by a remark made by during one of the Beatles' many business meetings. McCartney recalled: "He was saying that we were all prisoners in some way [due to the ongoing problems with their company ] … I thought it would be a nice way to start an album." McCartney added, referring to his inspiration for "Band on the Run": "It's a million things … all put together. Band on the run – escaping, freedom, criminals. You name it, it's there."

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"Band on the Run" is the title song of and ' 1973 album . The song was released as a single in 1974, following the success of "", and became an international chart success. The song topped the charts in the United States, also reaching number 3 in the United Kingdom. The single sold over one million copies in 1974 in America. It has since become one of the band's most famous songs.

And yet, despite all of that, that’s not the end of the story. After all, who could forget maybe Band On The Run‘s most enduring hallmark? Yes, that album cover. As we all know, many of the best ideas are the simple ones and, having the band and a few celebs promoting an album with the title it has by being photographed as if caught in a spotlight after escaping from stir, has to rather nicely be up there with best of them. The brainchild of London-based photographer Clive Arrowsmith (who, among other things, directed the iconic Two Tribes video for Frankie Goes To Hollywood), the image was captured against a stable wall in Osterly Park, Hounslow, and rather wonderfully featured a random collection of famous ’70s faces in addition to those of Paul, Linda and Denny.