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Barely Breathing (The Breathing Series)


Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan

Shortly after completing Reason to Breathe, my hope was restored when I discovered that Ms. Donovan was in the process of writing a sequel to Reason to Breathe, titled Barely Breathing. I honestly thought that Barely Breathing was the last novel in this series. It's not. I really expected Barely Breathing to be the lighter, happier conclusion to the crazy, intense story that began this series. It wasn't. I basically assumed that Barely Breathing was going to be a really sweet story where the boy saves the girl and then they ride off in the sunset together! Not even freaking close.

Let's just say, In Barely Breathing, Donovan once again delivers with the angst, the drama and did I say angst? The plot starts with Emma and her friends continuing their senior year. We learn from chapter one that Emma decides to live with her birth mother. At first, it seems like any typical mother-daughter relationship trying to patch up years of bonding. Through the middle of the book you find out that there's more to Emma's birth mother than meets the eye. THAT coupled with a few new character looking to come between Emma and Evan's relationship is enough to want you to tear your hair out–in a good way :)

Barely Breathing, love this book!

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In Barely Breathing new characters are introduced. If you've read book one and are hoping to see where ended at the beginning of book two then you'll be sorely disappointed. You don't find out what exactly happened that night (in Reason to Breathe) until halfway through the book (although you do get a glimpse with tiny flashbacks every once in awhile)

In Barely Breathing you get to see the aftermath of the destruction her abuse caused. You watch her a slow cycle of abuse continue. A girl that is still so certain that she knows just how much hurt and pain she can take before it gets to be too much. A girl who is suddenly faced with having to face her demons and deciding if she will keep allowing herself to be hurt and to hurt others.