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This was last month when my little K and I stop by at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. I really love this bookstore. My little K loves to read. The bookstore has a place where kids can read a book if they want. My little K is not exempted. She picked many books and found this book about dog to read.

There are also tons of new features found in the Barnes and Noble online bookstore to take advantage of the HD display. The entire Newsstand will be severely revised and will introduce a new visual table of contents that lets customers view thumbnails of the entire magazine and simply tap the article they want to read first. Magazines feature a super-fast, 3D-like page turn and include built-in hot spots for readers to quickly jump to specific articles and go deeper on a subject or story through audio, video, and Web linking. NOOK’s innovative ArticleView lets the reader focus only on the text, customized to their needs. The company also introduced a breakthrough NOOK Scrapbook, where magazine readers can virtually clip pages of interest and save them in customized digital scrapbooks. The engine to display newspapers also was enhanced with brand new touchscreen friendly features and a new UI.

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