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BatDad: A Parody


FOX411: How did BatDad come to be?

2. You can’t predict what’s going to go viral. Wilson was making lots of other Vine videos before he got the Batman mask, but they totally flopped. But when he got the mask, and a new persona, suddenly lightning struck.

Have you heard of BatDad? By day he’s Blake Wilson, a regular 29-year-old dude in Atlanta with a wife and four kids. But Wilson's life changed when he bought a cheapo Batman mask and started making ridiculous Vine videos in which he becomes “BatDad,” barking at his family in a husky Batman voice.

FOX411: Some say your BatDad videos give lessons in parenting.

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  • BatDad is back and he has something better than the Batmobile ...

    Yeah, raspy-voiced BatDad shouts a lot, which may eventually put his jumpy family on a path toward Arkham Asylum. See some of the videos below, and more of them .

    When Bruce Wayne was searching for a symbol to strike fear into the hearts of criminals, he decided that, “Yes, father, I shall become a bat.” When Blake Wilson was searching for a gift for a child’s birthday, he discovered a Batman mask in the toy aisle and decided … he would become BatDad.