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Christian of BBMak: Well, thank you.

Christian of BBMak: The first album was great. It did it's job. As we were on tour, promoting our album for two years, the song changed a lot on stage. We had more energy and were getting a rockier vibe. By then, we started to work on the new album and we wanted to capture what we had on stage and take it into the studio. And that's what we did.

Sooner Or Later suffers the familiar full-length teen pop LP problem: it is front-loaded as all get out. Despite featuring only one actual single, the first four tracks here are airtight teenage jangle-pop gems that establish a perilous high standard that the rest of the record can’t hope to live up to. It’s almost unfair! A cruel-hearted trick played on both unsuspecting teenage listeners and BBMak themselves by, I assume, their producers. Poor boys.

Christian of BBMak: "I feel fine."

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photos bbmak (Source: noangel08)

Christian of BBMak: Exactly. I think at the moment, there's been a backlash with manufactured bands and boy bands. I think it's the time now for the singer/songwriter. There is a lot more rock on the radio. That's just the way it's going. The good thing about us is that we're into the pop music, but our music is definitely rock influenced. We'll fit in nicely.

Christian of BBMak: The main obstacle was to get the songs lyrically. We wanted to take it to the next level more than anything. We went a bit deeper this time. We spent more time crafting the songs. It took a bit longer.