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Aimeio Creative Fruit Shape Beautiful Not Sticky Post-it Note(8 packs,150 Sheets per Pack,Random delivery)

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Here’s a collection of unusually creative custom sticky notes design to help you keep organized in your to-do-list in a very creative and refreshing way. In this collection, you will find various beautiful sticky notes like the Twitter inspired sticky note which you can give to your Twitter-addict friends. You will also see some waterproof sticky notes as well as those sticky notes created from a “wood” and “fruit” – and many more.

Beautiful Sticky Notes is a great app for you if you need to have a creative platform in order to organize your thoughts. You can put your thoughts down on paper without actually having to use paper. It is a great way to be able to organize ideas and the great thing is that they can be taken around with you wherever you go. This is a great app for you if you are a person that may have liked sticky notes or if you like the way that sticky notes organize your life. From 1 to 5 , we would give beautiful sticking out of rating of 4. If you like to organize using sticky notes then this is definitely the app for you. There are many sticky note apps that are out there, but this one is user friendly and fun.

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Remember: Sticky notes, not graffiti

Description: Vector beautiful colorful sticky notes on 2014 calendar on paint grunge background happy new year calendar template

The sticky notes are organized in the flipbook fashion, so a person can have multiple organized pages of sticky notes. They can organize their sticky notes and put them into categories such as: to do, reminders, plans for the kids, fashion ideas, or recipes. On each page a person can add sticky notes, be it in the form of colorful reminders or even pictures. The sticky notes can be deleted and re-made as a person sees fit. Beautiful Sticky Notes also has a multitouch feature, so a person can drag their sticky notes and drop them anywhere that they think is the best.