Some practical tips to help you become successful at fundraising:

Becoming a Fundraiser: The Principles and Practice of Library Development


How to Become a Professional Fundraiser | eHow

I know that you can do this – that you can become a better fundraiser, learn best practices, and raise more money for your non-profit organization, church, or school. How do I know? Because I have seen countless others who were frightened by the mere prospect of fundraising – unwilling to send even one e-mail asking for money – become money-raising superstars simply by studying the basics, practicing, and getting out there and giving it a shot. You can too – just keep reading this site, and keep practicing, and one day soon, you’ll be one of your organization’s own fundraising superstars.

Thank you for this post and thank you for this website! I am in the process of becoming a professional fundraiser for a wonderful NGO and fear doesn’t even begin to cover what I’m feeling! It’s not just about my own insecurities, I simply don’t want to disappoint the amazing people who are making things happen and who need me to facilitate that. You can be sure I’ll be reading every single post on here.

How to Become a Professional Fundraiser

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Fundraising can sometimes seem confusing, even scary… but it needn’t be. You see… great fundraisers aren’t born. They are made. Anyone can become a great fundraiser by learning the principles behind raising money, then practicing over and over again. While some people are naturally gifted fundraisers, for the most part, everyone in the fundraising world started off feeling confused and awkward.

Becoming a fundraiser is a great career choice for those who are skilled in communications and marketing, and have an interest in charitable and not-for-profit organizations.