I believe in you even though we be apart

I Can't Believe You Said That!: My Story about Using My Social Filter...or Not! (Best Me I Can Be!)


'Cause I..i..i.. believe in you

If you don't believe in yourself you will end up discarding your ideas and no one will remember you. On the other hand, if you believed in yourself and continued fighting for what you want then people may reject your ideas in the beginning but they will be forced to believe in you in the end after seeing your success.

The previous examples were not of people who lived on other planets. They were just normal people like you, the only difference is that they believed in themselves and so they had the last laugh. If you want to be like these people and if you want to believe in yourself then stick to the following guidelines:

I believe, I believe, I believe in you....

  • not believe your luck idiom
  • Title: I Believe in You (1952)

    I BELIEVE YOU: Faiths’ Response to Intimate Partner Violence, is an extraordinary interfaith documentary that explores the stories of survivors of abuse and the response of faith groups to address their needs.

    Why should anyone believe in you or your company? Even if you have a great idea and a fantastic team, why should anyone trust that you'll build those resources into something great? In short, how can you convince customers, investors and employees to take a chance on you?