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Angelo Beolco (il Ruzante), La prima oratione (Mhra Critical Texts)


Angelo Beolco 1502-1542, Venetian Actor

Because of his "lascivious" themes and abundant use of "very dirty words" (in the evaluation of his contemporary critics), Beolco's plays were often considered unfit for educated audiences, and sometimes led to performances being canceled. On the other hand, his plays seem to have been well received by those rural nobles which had opposed the metropolitan nobility of Venice in the . Perhaps for that reason, none of his plays was staged at Venice after 1526.

Modern studies have concluded that Ruzante's speech was not a linguistically accurate record of the local Paduan dialect of Venetian, but was to some extent a "theatrical dialect" created by Beolco himself.

Ruzante, Angelo Beolco/ Ferguson, Ronnie (Translator)

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    Born in , Beolco was the illegitimate son of , a physician who occasionally worked at the , and a certain Maria, possibly a maid. (It has been suggested, however, that his real name was Ruzzante, and that Beolco was a local corruption of , meaning "ploughman" — by extension, "country simpleton".) Some claim that he was born in , a town near Padua.

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