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Books are as permanent as their survival on bestseller lists.

According to their website, ResultSource creates “campaigns that reach a specific goal, like: ‘On the bestsellers list,’ or ‘100,000 copies sold.'”

A similar campaign was recently launched by well known marketing expert Frank Kern. After paying the shipping fee for , you are taken through a series of video advertisements for high priced coaching courses. It is unlikely that Kern is attempting to get a bestseller status with this campaign, as the book is only 68 pages long, but it is further testimony that the “free book” promotion works when you want to generate a good chunk of change.

in the #1 Amazon Bestseller position!

  • How often have you dreamed of what it would be like to finally have a #1 Bestseller?
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    This seems like an awful lot of work just to get your name on some list, but the benefits of being called a New York Times Bestseller can far outweigh the efforts of getting there. It is a title you hold forever and one that can lead to very lucrative speaking engagements, national interviews, and high paying consulting gigs.

    Some say these systems of are nothing more than schemes designed to game the system. Others say these systems are a way to even the playing field, allowing lessor known authors the chance to compete with famous ones who have unlimited marketing budgets. Another way of looking at it is to say the list compiling process itself is not fair. If you sell 20,000 copies of a book online, shouldn’t that count towards some of these more prestigious lists? Perhaps the best way of looking at it is to become a bestseller, it is easier to use a system to manipulate an already unfair system.