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The Power of Myth (25th Anniversary Edition)


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Bill Moyers has been defrauding the American people for decades. He should be forced to return all salary and benefits he has received. With interest.

>>>OMFG! Bill Moyers wasn’t a saint 45 years ago! Obviously the LIEbruls are all hypocritical neonazis!
So, umm, what has he done to you lately?

Moyers was born Billy Don Moyers in , .

Children in America's Schools with Bill Moyers

Let us hope this latest revelation reminds people of that broadcaster’s bias. At least Moyers had the sense not to hold one Republican’s politics against him. For it is largely thanks to Bill Moyers that people are familiar today with Joseph Campbell. And the power of myth.

The more we learn about Bill Moyers, the more we see how much his political affiliation defined his life. He would do anything to destroy a rival politician, even root around to see if that man had gay staffers, seeking to use those staffers’ sexuality against their Republican employer.