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Historical biographies written for kids

Kids who read Tiger Woods biographies for kids can then use their knowledge for a number of projects and activities. Consider having your child or student:

Children who are interested in athletes or the sport of golf will enjoy reading a Tiger Woods biography for kids. Whether you use is as part of classroom activities or just as a way to encourage your child to read more, a biography on Tiger Woods is a great way to interest a child in reading.

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Biographies for Kids, Famous Leaders for Young Readers

pitara is the final platform in the list that you can use to get free biographies for kids. Like every other platform, this website too has got multiple free biographies of people who changed this world through their path braking work, courage, and passion. This world has seen men & women who, through their work, have inspired generations, and our kids deserve to know about these people. They are politicians, artists, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and many more. You can read about them all for free, on this website. Not just read, but you can also share these biographies with your friends on Facebook, so that they can also learn a thing or two. Check out the link above and start reading.

Another online platform for free biographies for kids is Turtle diary. It has got a perfectly themed interface, and biographies of perfect people for kids to read. These are not only famous people who kids love to read about, but, in some cases, they can also relate to their lives and feel that personal connection. These biographies are in different categories, and you only have to pick one of your choice. The biographies are presented artistically in the form of a book, with multiple pages you have to turn over. It begins with a basic introduction of the figure you are reading about, and moves on to their achievements & other important stuff. You can read them online, share them online for your friends to read, and also give your feedback to the website. You will have to give your email address if you wish to share the biography online. Check out the link above.