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Bloodline (Star Wars)


Jef Magnifico vs Boboche Ghost Dragons Army bloodlines war

Tonight we have released the much-anticipated new War weapons: , , and ! We’re really excited about this release, and we think these weapons are a ton of fun to play with. We’re also releasing some custom-built structures and items to help you build your battlezone: The Medieval Fortress and The Apocalypse Fortress are two structures custom-designed for Bloodlines War battles, plus we’re releasing our signature Hedge Maze from the ground level of Liquid Designs, so you can set up your own hedge maze base with the Dominion, or just use it to battle your friends! Plus, we have a handful of other old and new accessories featured in the Bloodlines War store that you can use to decorate your battlefield. !

One new feature in the War HUD is the ability for army commanders to transfer their armies to other soldiers within their army. This can be done by going to Settings > Army > New Commander. The new commander must be a registered, active Bloodlines War player, and must currently be in your army. This is useful for transferring your army to a new owner, while keeping the same army stats.

[SL] Bloodlines War Panthera 2012

To play Bloodlines War, this is all you need.

The Dominion includes bases and pylons for you to mark your territory and register your empire.


We’re pleased to announce a release date for the new Bloodlines: War weapons. The Handgun, The Sword, and The Flamethrower will be released one week from today, on Tuesday, August 17th! The Handgun has a ‘silenced’ mode so that you can have a gunfight anywhere in Second Life without rezzing bullets and creating collisions with other residents. You can also use this silenced mode in areas where you don’t have permission to rez objects. Both the bullets and the sword contain blood effects when they make contact with other Bloodlines War players.

Last time, our entire office hours were spent on questions about Bloodlines War. So, we may need to have a separate office hours scheduled just for War, or do alternate weeks for War. Either way, we think we would like to devote this week’s hours to non-War issues. Let us know what you think. We hope to see you all there!