Title: Blue Heelers (1994–2006)

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Blue heeler puppy in cowboys boots. Love!!

I love being outside. I take my dog for a hike most every day in the park near our home. Fresh air, no matter the weather, and physical exertion as we make our way through the forest always provides me moments of peace. Blue Heeler puppies are active and energetic; if little Bluebelle here can’t find her favorite toy in the yard under all that snow, the nearest pine twig will do just as well.

Being outside also provides opportunities for calm and peaceful reflection on the mutable nature of all things. Blue Heeler puppies are a part of that. No sooner are they born, white as the driven snow, than they begin to develop the ticking and color patches that we so enjoy contemplating. Soon, this tiny little precious baby Blue Heeler puppy will be a full-grown dog with a job, a mortgage, and puppies of his own. Well aware of the rapidity of our ever-changing lives, this Blue Heeler puppy is glad to take a moment to appreciate a bird’s feather in the field.

Blue heeler puppy. Trayvin is gonna want this!!

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Blue Heeler puppy! Cattle dogs rule, one of our pups.

After a long day at work, some people might go out for dinner or drinks with their co-workers. Blue Heeler puppies are clearly no different. Herding sheep is arduous, difficult, and often thankless work. This Blue Heeler puppy gets on quite well with the flock of sheep he’s tasked with looking after; so much so, he seems to have fallen asleep on their backs! I don’t know if I’d recommend getting as close to the people in your office.

Not that close with your family? That’s okay, because spending time with friends — or making new ones — is a great way to get through a case of the blues. This Blue Heeler puppy’s name is Lumen. Lumen lives in Michigan and is trying hard to make new friends. Lumen tried to have a nice conversation with a passing chicken. Domestic fowl and Blue Heeler puppies might not have much in common, but Lumen enjoyed the experience.