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School Smart 1485890 Circulation Due Date Cards Record Book, 3" x 5", White (Pack of 500)

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Different people want a Book Card for different reasons, but primarily to significantly reduce the high cost of shipping and storing physical books and home study courses. You can put 500 Book Cards in your suitcase to take to an event. You can put a few in your wallet to give out as you meet people. No way can you do that with a physical book!

Next, we will access our distribution network “anywhere BUT the bookstore” . We already have existing relationships with retail outlets, convenience stores, television infomercials and product placement, just to name a few. Book Card authors will be first in line to have their Book Cards mass distributed in ways you cannot accomplish alone.

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Stephanie Frank, Best Selling Author of The Accidental Millionaire (her Book Card is pictured above) has been using her book to drive business for 8 years very successfully. (We’ll show you how she did it, and we’ll help you, too).

Easy. We are selective about the authors we publish Book Card for, so we offer an easy way to get acquainted. Just simple scroll down, fill out the form below and will reach out via Skype or telephone to get an idea of your book project, and how we can make Book Cards work for you. We’ll give you all the details during your consultation.