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In November, we posted a series of pictures that showed that , happy together, which some of you found charming. But not all -- one person called it "porn for freaky cat-loving literature fiends." Well, it's about time for some doggie payback. As you can see, books and dogs go together just as well as books and cats.

Vet Texts

If your love of dogs has prompted you to take on vet school, you’ll need to read more than just books about dogs and the mischief that pets can cause.

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  • The Best Books about Dogs — Barnes & Noble Reads

    Dogs are humanity’s greatest achievement. Ever since we began domesticating them some 15,000 years ago, they have been our providers, entertainers, rescuers, colleagues, counselors, and, most importantly, our best friends. It’s no surprise that a species that’s played such a vital role in our history has also inspired some incredible stories—like these 11 great books about dogs:

    If a dog is called man’s best friend, then perhaps it follows that a puppy could become a child’s best friend. But not all puppies are alike, and even more so, the dogs they grow up to be. Finding a good match between child and puppy (dog) is worth taking the time to learn everything you can about different temperaments and physical attributes of the dog breeds that interest you. Even if you decide on a mixed breed, it would be well to attempt to analyse the pup’s heritage if possible. Eve Heidi Bine-Stock’s book Dogs: A Kids Book of Dog Breeds is an excellent and fun way parents and children can explore the possibilities.