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Luminous: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance (Luminous Trilogy Book One): A Young Adult Paranormal Romance

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Writing Great Books for Young Adults by Regina L

To keep up with my other book review this week (and since book reviews are much easier to write when you’re trying to leave for vacation and make sure the blog is all stocked up with posts!), here is another book review, this time of WRITING GREAT BOOKS FOR YOUNG ADULT by literary agent Regina Brooks.

Writing Great Books for Young Adults gives writers all the advice they need to tap into this incredible and innovative market. Literary agent Regina L. Brooks shows writers how listening to young adults will help them create characters their audience can identify with.

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    is a site maintained by some authors at Smashwords (below) and features free eBooks for young adults in a blog like listing. Like all listings at Smashwords, these are available for free in a wide variety of viewing and download options. I do not know if this has different listings than the Smashwords' listing below.

    has a listing of 159 Free Kindle eBooks For Young Adults. This is a mix of newer works and classics, though the vast majority appear to be newer works. They all appear to be free aloo of the time. All of the works I checked were available at Amazon, through the "Online Stores>Amazon" link on the description page for the ebook. They also were free through the Kobo link, but you had to filter Free Only once at Kobo.