30 Great Children's Books in Spanish

La vida después de la muerte (Spanish Edition)

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These are just a few ways of using baby books in Spanish as a resource in the classroom. Do you have any other ideas? Do you think baby books are useful in the language-learning classroom?

, upon finishing a grammar unit, create a list of ways a topic could be used. For example, you just finished reviewing how the preterite is different than the imperfect. Give the students a list of things like: verb in the preterite showing a completed action, verb in the imperfect giving background information, querer in the preterite and imperfect. Once the student has found an example in an authentic resource (i.e. the baby book in Spanish), they must explain what is the reasoning behind it. Why did the author use querer in the preterite instead of the imperfect? Why does preterite indicate a completed action? Have the students create their own reasoning.

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    Worksheets and comprehension quizzes provide support for leveled books in English that are part of a student's self-paced assignment. Quizzes support many leveled books in Spanish.

    If you teach a higher novice or an , use the baby books in Spanish as a cultural resource. You can always use it as a grammar tool, but with a higher-level learning student, use it to teach how other cultures view the environment or holidays. Baby books usually have a similar set of topics no matter the country, so use these to your advantage. Create a writing assignment based off of the main character in the baby book, or off of the plot. What would the student do in that situation, or how would they feel? Have the student create a personal connection with the book. Again, don’t be afraid to read, use, and reference the book multiple times throughout your unit. It is doable to create a cultural and grammatical use out of one book.