15 Children’s Books Made Into Movies

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Books into Movies 2014 - Top Movie Releases Based on Books

So what top books were made into movies? This list seeks to answer that question with a thorough look of all books that made it onto the big screen. Cast your votes for the best on this list of books made into movies, or rerank the list and add any great kid's book movie adaptations that are missing!

The year isn’t even over, and there’s already a ton of buzz about the 2014 books turned into movies. There are some really exciting movies comin’ atcha!!

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    Books made into movies. Yawn. I don’t think I know one person who would argue that a movie version of a story has been better than the book. Have there been decent remakes? Sure. But decent is where it ends, and the number in that category is small. More often, the movie is pretty terrible if you loved or respected the book and gives my mother ammunition for her anti-technology rants at the dinner table.

    These days, studios are increasingly looking to turn popular young adult books into movies. Do fans rush to theaters or stay at home and tightly clutch their books? Take a look at 25 examples. By Tracy Brown, Noelene Clark, Christy Khoshaba and Jevon Phillips.