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Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning

I am saddened when I hear the judgment and painted and thrown like manure after a church meeting. The politics of church are as hurtful as anything I have ever seen. As a pastor sitting in on them I was horrified. I think that if Brennan Manning were to sit in on any of our church business meetings he would probably need a drink, and I probably would join him.

The teaching of Brennan Manning is obviously skewed and destined to create confusion, because it is not biblical. There are numerous other relevant Bible verses, as well. For example,

Brennan Manning = excellent author

Oct 11, '04, 5:45 pm
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Re: Brennan Manning?

fidelis et al -

My apologies for overreacting. I see that I did misread the posts. I think I let the late hour and my frustration with the misuse of the term "anti-Catholic" in a couple other threads I read through get the best of me.

Also, I wasn't recommending Manning's work. I too am not particularly taken with it. In fact, I'm not particularly taken with any writers who are mass marketed to Evangelicals.

- JP

A tribute to Brennan Manning

I find it saddening to read the responses of those who want to discredit the Ministry of Brennan Manning. He was a great flawed man . He certainly understood Grace them those who bash him and be forgiveness towards a human being who was fl and be forgiven less towards a human being who was flawed.

James…I agree with you. Brennan Manning was just a man, but he was a shining example of the lost art of true transparency. He shouldn’t have had a platform? This guy, ultimately, refused to wear a mask. God IS glorified when we take the glory high-jacking masks off and allow God to be seen IN our weakness. That doesn’t mean that we need to “sin so that grace may abound.” All the fear based behavioral modification messages out there…the moral deism that is so prevalent in the church today…and along comes a man who decides to boast in his weaknesses, and continue to lift high the name of Jesus…man…nothing you could post here on the Internet can touch that! Grace is ALL Jesus…and none of us! To walk in humility and understand that the definition of sin is trying to get our needs met apart from God…that will change your life forever. Doctrine and theology are very important, of course. But when I watch Jesus walking through his culture…he looks a LOT more like Brennan Mannings picture of God in the flesh than most people I’ve ever read or heard!